Work With Me

Let’s make this world a bit better!

You know, I am really honored that you’ve taking the time to check out how to become a part of this wonderful journey. This makes me a happy guy, more than you might think!

Digitraveler isn’t an ordinary business, but that being said there are zillions of opportunities to ‘work’ and grow together. I will only put the most common here, but all sort of ideas outside the box are most welcome! I am a big fan of creativity, so give it your best shot!

All I have is time. (And a little bit of energy)

Do not expect me to finance your product or project. Simply, because I do not have the money for that.

But I do have something else to share with you. My time, skills, and work effort. And you know why those things have more value than money in this particular case? Because my time is free for you!

Well, perhaps not entirely free. But for sure, I’m the cheapest person on earth to hire. You don’t have to pay me at all for your projects! All I want is that you don’t let me starve to death.

Any accommodation to sleep safe is appreciated, but not necessary since I carry my tent and sleeping for the better or worse with me.

Projects, I want to work for:

  • Animal conservation: From cleaning up the dirtiest poo to save a tiger with my life. Let me fight and give love for any animal on this planet.
  • Personal projects: From building carports to help you to become self-efficient. I’m open for anything as long it is not mass thing involved.
  • Nature conservation: From planting trees to removing our crap out of the oceans.
  • Society projects: Fighting together to poorness and learning skills from each other.


C’mon shoot out your project to me. I can’t wait for those meaningful projects that I so admire and love!

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