10 travel movies to get inspired


10 travel movies to get inspired

10 travel movies

Planning a trip guarantees fun, and watching travel movies is by far the most pleasant preparation. I’ve watched plenty of movies, perhaps even too much for my own good. But I can’t help it, because they always give me tons of energy and motivation.

It sounds silly that travel movies need to inspire you to travel. But when you’re not sure to make that one trip or you need some persuasion to act on your dreams, they can be quite helpful. Travel movies are able to give you that last push you need to go on your own adventure(s).


Into the wild

Into the wild is by far my favorite travel movie. This story is based on the life of Chris McCandless. Chris had a very promising future ahead of him. He graduated successfully from the Emory University in Atlanta.

Harvard seemed to be the next logical destination ahead a ‘successful’ career. While his parents were planning his future, Chris had other things in mind. Just like me, Chris was looking for something more than a classic life. He transferred all of his life savings to a charity, and began to wander through the United States. Along his journey, he met all kind of wonderful people.

Eventually, this journey was only a preparation for his life dream, living in a remote area in Alaska. Once there, he experienced it was a lot harder to survive than he thought.

Chris’ story inspired me a lot for my own journey. He lets me realize something. That I wasn’t the only one in search for something else than just a ‘normal’ life. I assume we all have dreams, but there are just a few who actually act on them. It takes a lot of courage and balls of steel to pursue your life dream.

I know how hard it is to break free, to chase your dreams. Therefore, Chris has my deepest respect.


The Bucket List

This feel-good movie with 2 of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson is one to put on your ‘to watch’ list.

The story is quite simple, but deep at the same time. Two older guys in the same hospital room are terminally ill. Because of their different personality, they don’t get along at first. But when Carter & Edward embrace their cancer diagnose, they help each other to fulfill all of their life goals before they kick the bucket.

I’ve seen the bucket list hype been growing a lot the past few years. When I first saw this movie at school, I never heard of a bucket list before. Nowadays, the internet is full of bucket lists. I guess Jack and Morgan are having something do to with this.

I’m still thankful to the teacher who let me watch this movie. So, thanks Mr. Segers!


Eat, Pray, Love

This script is about Elizabeth, a woman who has everything in life she can wish for. In spite of that she isn’t truly happy. Instead of being happy, she is confused and down about everything. When she figured out that her marriage isn’t what she was expecting, she got divorced. Not sure about everything anymore, not even herself, she takes a life changing decision. In search for balance and happiness she went on a trip ‘around-the-world’ for a year.

The score (5,7/10) on IMDb is quite unfair. This kind of romantic movies aren’t usually my thing neither. But this time I could appreciate it. I guess that’s because Julia Roberts’ her character has a lot in common with me. At my darkest point in life, I was also lost in this big world. I only dared to travel because I had nothing more to lose.

I understand that ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is for a specific kind of people. But there were a lot of stunning locations in it. The culture was well filmed, and I could appreciate the meditation and spiritual part in it.


The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries’ is about the life changing motorcycle road trip Che Guevara went on. The movie is based on his memoirs, before he became the revolutionary person as we know him nowadays. Together with his friend Alberto, he drove over 14.000 kilometer during 8 months to explore South America. This journey was the foundation of his incredible life.

This film should be put in an own specific genre, as I never seen anything quite like this before. I do remember that I put the DVD in the player and I didn’t move the next 2 hours. Which was a bit strange, since I had no idea what I could expect from this movie.

Even the duration wasn’t a problem at all. ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ sucked me so hard up in the story. I had the feeling I was riding my own motorcycle and was experiencing the whole journey next to them.

The movie highlighted the fact that traveling can broaden up your horizon. Nothing is as confrontational as traveling and relying on yourself. When you travel a long time this way, your whole perspective about life can change.



Tracks’ is once again an incredible inspiring true life story. This time it’s about Robyn Davidson who walked and walked as I can imagine through the deserts of Australia. This young lady covered over 2735 kilometers with only 1 loyal dog and 4 camels. And what did you do today?

While the movie was good, it didn’t blow me away. Not surprising though, as it’s hard to film only deserts and more sand. No one could ever be a better fit than Mia Wasikowska to play Robyn’s character (perhaps only Robyn?). It was the first time I saw her shining on the screen. And I became a fan, which says enough.

I guess every traveler or explorer needs to be a bit crazy. She was definitely a patriot in this kind of traveling for woman. I have absolutely no idea what she must been through to achieve this journey. All of the sacrifices, frustrations and disappointments. She always kept pushing, even when the rest of the world said she wasn’t able to complete this journey. And don’t forget the worst part, the camel training.

If ‘Tracks’ won’t convince you that you’re able to achieve your travel dreams, nothing will do.


I dreamed of Africa

I noticed many people found ‘Out of Africa’ better than ‘I dreamed of Africa’. I saw that movie as well, but for some reason Meryl Streep didn’t quite worked out for me. The stories are somewhat similar.

Anyhow, after a car crash where Kuki lost some friends in it, she decided to change her life dramatically. She went on a proposal from Paolo, a man she barely even know. And together with her son, this fresh married couple moves to Kenya to live the dream and to face the problems that comes with the dream.

The reason why I put this one on the list is actually not so much for the movie itself as it is for my dream. I daydreamed a thousand times of Africa. This place has something majestic and mysterious at the same time. The landscapes, the wildlife, the mountains are some kind of garden of Eden for me.

I do remember the family integrated perfectly in the culture. Which is the only way to make it worthwhile to move to another country. I never understood why you would move or go on a vacation to a country that you’re not interested in.


Under the Tuscan Sun

This one is for all the hopeless romantics among us. Frances accepted an invitation for a 10 days during trip in Italy. Recently divorced, she buys spontaneously a villa in Tuscan in hope everything would get better. During the renovation of her new bought villa, she got immersed in the culture of Tuscan.

I can’t remember of any other movie that teased my senses so much as ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. I was more alive during this movie than I was before and after. Apart from the cheesy love story this was a big hit for me. I could feel the kindness, happiness, freedom and joy from my TV screen into my couch, which was quite weird. Diane Lane is such a lovely lady to watch!

Sometimes you need to take some risks to get forward in life. While it’s not easy to leave everything behind, it is mostly rewarding to move to a place where you still can grow as a person.

Do not forget, the best memories come from the most spontaneously & unexpected adventures.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter was always a kind of shy and had never experienced any kind of adventure. Only in his daydreams, he was the ultimate wanderer of the craziest adventures. When Walter’s work as an administrator of photo-negatives was threatened, he took action to prevent himself from getting fired. In search of the symbolic lost photo negative, he finally experiences the adventure of his life.

‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ must be praised for the outstanding beautiful landscape settings. No any other movie comes even close to the environments of Iceland & Greenland. It’s at the same level of some of the best documentaries from National Geographic.

Iceland itself, is the reference for a perfect country. Protecting the wildlife, respecting the nature and creating small towns for people who knows each other and get along. This is my dream spot to live!

The fantasy scenes didn’t bother me a lot, as I have daydreams myself sometimes. Not as much and fanatic as Mitty, but still. It’s good to daydream, as daydreams are the start of everything. But at the end, you need to wake up and live the dream. Because those daydreams are nothing in comparison with the real deal.


The Beach

When Richard was backpacking through Thailand, he met a drug addicted traveler named Daffy. Daffy claimed to found paradise on earth.

Richard who left the United States in search for risks, danger and majestic beauty is immediately being triggered. The same night Daffy killed himself, and left a sort of treasure map behind for Richard with the route to that paradise… Would that paradise be a hoax or not?

I’ve never been to this filming location, but it surely does look like a paradise. The problem with a discovered paradise, is that it won’t stay long a paradise because of mass tourism.

I’m quite sure there are still some undiscovered paradises as Phi Phi Leh. When I do discover one, be sure I won’t share it -.-

The beach’ is perfect to watch and dream at same time. Especially the first part. The second part felt as it was coming from another movie. And for the lady’s & gays among us, Leonardo Di Caprio is acting quite a lot without a t-shirt…


Seven years in Tibet

One last movie inspired by a true story, this time of Heinrich Harrer. This mountaineer heads out to conquer a Himalayan mountain. Because of a war, he gets captured. He escaped with someone else. On the run, he ended up in Lhasa. In this holy city lives the Dalai Lama which he eventually met, not knowing it will both change their lives.

I could add some other travel movies in this list as last one. But I chose ‘Seven years in Tibet’ for some several reasons.

If you are traveling and your heart/soul is open for it, then each encounter can make a difference in your life. Sometimes complete strangers can become your best friend in only a few days. Each individual can let you grow as a person.

The sad part once again has something to do with politics. I always get angry when I think about Tibet. Why the hell is a country with an own culture and leader still not independent? It has fucking more culture than the European city’s right now.


While travel movies are a good time killer, nothing is better than the actual travel part. So, do not only watch movies and daydream about your travels. Turn off the TV, and make the first step towards an incredible journey. Believe me, you won’t regret it! And perhaps there will be a movie about your life story in the future…

Is there any other travel movie you recommend?


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