once upon a time there was a lucky guy traveling the world…

…haha, if only!

All Odds stacked against me

Believe it or not, but I am not a born explorer nor world traveler. In fact, I was even more afraid of this big world than Chicken Little was.

My life story is anything but a Disney fairytale. Before I could even dream about traveling the world, I had to overcome so many struggles. The fear, the doubts and the hesitation had me immobilized. Not to mention the lack of financial funds…

Life almost knocked me down at some point. I was behind on my plans and dreams after suffering a mental breakdown. It was then that I knew I had only two choices. Either let the fear paralyze me further or embrace the struggle and use it to grow as a person.

As you can read, I chose the latter. Life on the road is amazing. Hell, most times it’s like living a dream. But it’s not as easy as you might think. It’s not like you buy two pairs of socks and start walking on pink clouds without suffering any setbacks.

Moving towards my dream of traveling the world was the smartest decision I ever made. It made me hungry, literally and figuratively. But let’s keep it real. If exploring the world was easy, everyone would do it. Sadly, there is a perfect ingenious system to keep you far away from your dreams, something that is called the rat race.

I’m not selling you any pots of gold. I’m only giving you the tools to achieve your own dreams and goals, while being honest about life on the road. And that’s why you should follow me on my journey through this blog!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s not like you’re getting any younger…

There are no more excuses from now on!

“I’m not what I think I am, I’m not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am.”
– Cooley

this is me

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✬ Freedom Seeker
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Connect With Jonas:

My name is Jonas & I’m a 27 year young bad-ass with a heavy dose of wanderlust. As you’ve already figured out, I’m the adventurous spirit behind Digitraveler.

I was born in the concrete jungle of Belgium. Long story short, I transformed from a local city boy who never went outside his hometown into a world explorer who explored over 40 countries.

With my degree as carpenter and backstory I was never going to be anything according to my environment. And I believed that for a while.

Until I figured out that it doesn’t matter what people say about you. The only thing that matters is what you say about yourself.

The Story Of My Life

I’m the prototype of the typical local city boy. Or at least, I was!

About 26 years ago I was born in the concrete jungle of Belgium. And while growing up, my entire youth took place within a radius of 6 miles.

Can you imagine this, only 6 miles of this enormous world? Everything I did & needed was right at my feet, just a single fart away from home.

But rather then complaining, I want to believe I had a better childhood than most kids these days. I was lucky enough to be able to make my own mistakes, since my parents gave me that freedom.

I spent most of my spare time and holidays on the streets. While most of my peers enjoyed staying at home playing inside, I went on little adventures. Climbing trees & building forts became almost daily routine.

Thank God that technology wasn’t that evolved back then!

The Story Of My Life: Communie

Childhood was such an amazing time. Having no worries and just doing the things you love to do.


But the older I got, the more everything seemed to fall apart…

BAM! Adulthood came kicking into in my life.

Without any warning my entire life changed. All of a sudden, I lost my connection with the world around me. Before I was even aware of it, I got lost in the system & trapped in the rat race.

You know how the story goes… Careers, girlfriends, babies or just life in general drifts all of us in another direction. Anyhow, I really struggled with all the changes adulthood brought me.

I get it, at a certain age you are expected to mature and live life like we know it. Fitting into the system & doing the things everyone else does.

But what if you don’t even know who you are?

I had no real ambitions toward a successful career, as I hadn’t figured it out what I loved doing. For some worthless reason I stumbled into carpentry in school. And to this day, that’s the only regret I have, that I didn’t follow the right path academically.

If I had a time machine, I would be a vet right now…

However, getting a job was always easy. But those crappy jobs never gave me any satisfaction, and that’s why I always quit them faster than you can say “Jack Robinson.”

My inner voice always told me to do something meaningful, something that gives satisfaction. Something that changes lives or at least makes a difference.

The only problem, what?


So, life wasn’t working out for me. I wasn’t moving forward at all. At that time my comfort zone was shrinking each day. At one point my comfort zone was from the couch to the fridge, and I’m not kidding.

As result, I gained tons of weight. At my worst, I weighed 264 lbs. Days were passing by without me in them. I wasn’t acting on all of the possibilities life had given me.

Based on society’s views of success, I was simply a loser. No house, no wife, no job, no driver license and being that fat. Even though I had my own view of success, it was hard dealing with the judgment. I could literally read on people’s faces, that I was one of the biggest losers they’d ever met.

Some even said it out loud…

Most were just giving me “good” advice. The amount of advice was endless. It seemed everyone else knew my life better then I did. But I do not blame anyone for this, it’s just the way we were raised…

Afraid of this big scary world, I found myself on the wrong side of rock bottom. I felt I’d lost the most important thing to me: myself.


I really was on the brink of death. I was broke & broken.

I urgently needed to figure things out before it was too late. No matter what, I couldn’t live this way any longer. It was time to move forward and leave the past behind.

So, what changed ?

There is a saying, “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks“.

And the same applies to humans. Adults only learn through massive trauma. And trauma was what changed me. In one single weekend I had a heart attack, a stroke and several panic attacks.

During those attacks, my mind shifted. While suffering, I convinced myself that I still had something inside me. I wasn’t done yet. I still had things to offer. That weekend was very fussy so I’m not sure how I did it, but I managed to survive.

My mind refused to give up, and for the first time I didn’t quite on something…


That very next Monday, I started to build myself up again. Trying to pick up the pieces, I went on my first journey, one of self-discovery.

The entire week I cut off my electronics & stayed in a forest to find my life’s purpose. All I had with me was a pen & paper. I was so committed, to searching deep down within myself, to be alone with myself and only my thoughts. This was gonna be a fight inside me, me against me.

I began to let my thoughts wonder, thinking about what made me happy. I had no limits this time and no boxes to fit into. Everything was & is possible. A few topics or experiences gave me joy in life. “Wildlife, traveling & culture” were the things that made me happy.

With this in mind I figured out what my life long dream was:

Going to places with amazing people while having the best (spontaneous) experiences one can only imagine. And on that journey, helping other people to achieve their dreams and goals.


But the habit of being afraid quickly took over again. Afraid to fail, I already began making excuses. That it wasn’t possible, that I would become a hobo and die on the streets. All of the worst scenarios were playing in my mind. Still afraid to attack my goals, I was stuck between a world full of dreams and the sad reality.

Time passed by and I began to daydream more and more about traveling the world, wildlife & adventures. I’m glad I had those, as they were first steps


I was about to leave everything behind (including debts & problems) to explore the world. But that would be running away, instead of living my dream. So, I began fixing my problems and paying my debts until I was ready to approach the world.

I needed to find a way to survive on the road. By searching the Web I found that it was possible by creating a successful blog & using all kind of other tricks. In the past I would have never believed in this concept or even believed in myself.

But things have changed for the better & since I wanted to travel so desperately, I gave it my all. I took that one shot that I would pass on in the past.

To be honest, I’m glad I found a solution for my problems instead of running away. Because now I can travel with a free mind, without having to look back at all.

Freedom is the key to happiness in my book!

Jonas Van Wezemael

20 may 1992


Dutch, English, Spanish, French

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my personality

My personality obliviously has been evolved throughout the years. I’m not that same dumbass kid anymore, like I was in my youth. Life experience made me the person I am today.

  • I’m an easy-going guy. I can almost adapt better than a chameleon to new environments.
  • I like to take risks on occasion.
  • I’m very spontaneous; I’ll go with the flow and see where the wind blows me.
  • When I’ve something on my mind it can be hard to change those thoughts. I may be more stubborn than a donkey.
  • While I’m mostly mature, I have a bit of the Peter Pan syndrome in me, as I don’t want to grow old, ever!
  • I enjoy the little things in life.

I am not a self-proclaimed travel expert, and definitely not a guru nor influencer. But I am you, the one with a desire to see the world. You, who wants to experience freedom and live the life that we dream of.

about digitraveler

So, now you know who I am…

But what is this site about? And why? For god’s sake Jonas why the hell did you create another travel blog while there are already a few thousands out there on the internet.. To be honest, I ask those questions myself every single day.

It’s not for fame, not for money, not for followers or any of that crap.

The real honest truth is to push myself. To become a better version of myself every single day. I know this might sound cliché, but that’s the simple reason.

I was like the most average person on earth. Being mediocre as one can be. I was the kind of guy that was afraid of life. All I did was eating crappy fast food and farting around in my bed while binging TV series. All there was inside of me was emptiness & numbness. No feelings, no pain, no nothing.

My view on life was the worst. I did exactly the opposite of what one should do. That’s why I am doing what I do now.

Furthermore I want to make an impact on people’s lives.

Everyone has a gift in life. But it is your job to figure out what that gift is.

I firmly believe you can’t be what you can’t see.

So many of us are fucked up and lost because we don’t love what we do. I’m not here to say go fuck your job and leave everything behind to travel the world like I do.

Hell no.

I’m here to get you exposed to the things u never heard of.