Once upon a time there was a boy who traveled the world…

… Hahaha, If only.

All Odds stacked against me

Believe it or not, but I am not a born explorer nor world traveler. In fact, I was even more afraid of this big world than Chicken Little was.

My life story is anything but a Disney fairytale. Before I could even dream about traveling the world, I had to overcome so many struggles: the fear, the doubts and the hesitation had me immobilized. Let’s just say that all of these struggles were as real as they could be, not to mention the lack of financial funds.

Life almost knocked me down at some point. I was behind on my plans and dreams after suffering a mental breakdown. It was then that I knew I had only two choices: to let the fear paralyze me further or embrace and use it to rise to the next level.

Well, as you can read, I chose the latter. Life on the road is amazing; hell most times it’s like living a dream. But it sure ain’t a fairytale. It’s not like you buy two pairs of socks and start walking on pink clouds without suffering any setbacks.

Moving towards my dream of traveling the world was the smartest decision I ever made. It made me hungry, literally and figuratively. But let’s keep it real. If traveling the world were easy, everyone would do it.

And that’s why you should follow me on my journey through this blog! I’m not selling you dreams or pots of gold. I’m only giving you the tools to achieve your own dreams and goals, while being honest about life on the road. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s not like you’re getting any younger. There are no more excuses from now on

“I’m not what I think I am, I’m not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am.” – Cooley

This is Me

My name is Jonas and I’m a 26 year young bad-ass. And as you’ve already figured out, I’m the adventurous spirit behind Digitraveler. If I can achieve my dreams with such an average name, than so can you! It’s not like my name opens many doors or gives me any privileges. So that’s already one excuse you cannot use any longer.

In a certain way you can call me a freedom seeker. I just love the idea of a world of freedom, where anything is possible. A place where there are no boxes to fit in. An utopia where you just can be you and live your life without being a slave to so many things.

Before you judge me and think I’m just another hippie with tons of money, make sure you know that I’ve seen the deepest depths of life. And it’s not a pretty sight over there.

The rat race had me in his power, it was like I was circling the same hamster wheel a million times with no end in sight.

I never felt real home anywhere, because a house are just some bricks to me. A house remains just a house. A good example of that is when my village bought the house where I grew up in, just do destroy it & build a fancy project over it.

My advance was that I didn’t go on that gap year that so many people do. I always wondered how that would be, just living in the moment with no time to think off. In the end you could say it was good that I didn’t do a gap year, because it triggered my adventurous spirit and imagination even more.

My Personality

My personality obliviously has been evolved throughout the years. I’m not that same dumbass kid anymore, like I was in my youth. Life experience made me the person I am today.

  • I’m an easy-going guy. I can almost adapt better than a chameleon to new environments.
  • I like to take risks on occasion.
  • I’m very spontaneous; I’ll go with the flow and see where the wind blows me.
  • When I’ve something on my mind it can be hard to change those thoughts. I may be more stubborn than a donkey.
  • While I’m mostly mature, I have a bit of the Peter Pan syndrome in me, as I don’t want to grow old, ever!
  • I enjoy the little things in life.

My Evolution

If You want to know me even better:

I Love:

❤ Traveling

❤ Nature & Wildlife

❤ Sports (Football)

❤ Mythology & Folklore

❤ French Belgium Fries

I don’t do:

  • Trendy
  • Drugs

I am not a self-proclaimed travel expert, and definitely not a guru nor influencer. But, I am you, the one with a desire to see the world. You, who wants to experience freedom and live the life of our dreams.

About This Blog

So, now you know me. 

But what the hell is this site all about?

Well, thanks to your mindless surfing you’ve now stumbled upon a travel blog. But not just any ordinary travel blog…no no no. This travel blog has the potential to shake your entire existence, if you let it. 

But first and foremost, let’s cut the bullshit.

I created this website for ME in the first place. Yeah, I did. Suck it up. And no matter what you read on any other travel blog, everyone creates their blog primarily for themselves. Don’t let yourself be fooled about this. 

“Ooh, I created this blog for you so you could travel more, longer, cheaper.” Fuck no! What they are really trying to say is that they love to travel themselves, but they want/need money to keep on traveling. And if that’s not the case, then it’s all about their (shhh) ego. 

And since I promised to be honest, I created this website out of both fear and ego. Fear of having not a single penny left after traveling for a while. And with the lack of money comes that fear of the unknown future. You see, I need a little bit of money to not wander as a hobo, otherwise I’ll be ignored by people and get banned everywhere. And hell yeah, I love it when I thousands of people visit my site. I’m not cocky, but I am damn proud of myself.

Now that we got that clear, let’s talk about YOU. 

You can learn a lot from my journey. 

Since I need this blog to succeed, I need to gain your interest. And the best way to do that is, to give you what you’ve been looking for. The fact that I’m traveling full-time before you, gives me the opportunity to provide you with all the information and tips you need for your travels.

No matter what you’re looking for, I’ll give it to you.

And the best part is, I won’t charge you a single dime.

Things You’ll Find Here:

  • Proven tips to get the most out of your vacation
  • Inspiration and advice on your new destination(s)
  • Interviews with other travelers
  • Facts, facts, facts…
  • All kinds of different series in which traveling is central.

What You Won’t Find Here:

  • Sponsored content or products that won’t benefit you.

One person can’t change the world alone, but everyone can make a difference!

The Dream Journey

Best Of Both Worlds

I want to realize a few things on my journey around the world:

First of all, I would be visiting every country/territory. I made this dream the center of my whole project. Each country will only count when I’ve stayed there at least a month.

As I have so many different interests, but not one single passion that stands out, I will handle a bunch of different topics as I make my way.

I want to spend enough time in each place to get familiar with the habits beliefs and culture. It’s not like you can get a picture of a tribe / country in just a few days.

I’ve never taken the easy road in life and I don’t plan on taking that road now on this journey. To make everything a bit more challenging I won’t use any flights at all. This way I can also help out our planet a bit. Also, traveling by airplane is so impersonal. To me it’s not about the destination, but it’s about the journey on the way.

Yeah, this won’t be a walk in the park, but that’s exactly my goal. Where’s the challenge and adventure when everything goes easy?

The Way I Travel

For me it’s all about the journey itself and not really about the destination. The one thing I have in life, is time. And I want to use that time the right way to explore our world. Not by rushing and blocking things out, but rather by slow traveling and  let the experiences sink in. I’m no going to use a single flight, just to save our planet a little bit. I’m not the most green guy on earth, but I try to do my best. Especially after seeing so many heartbreaking scenes how the human race is interacting with the planet.

It might be absurd, but there is one thing I absolutely hate and that’s being a mule. I never liked carrying much stuff with me. I’m not possessed by material stuff. To be honest, I hate having stuff I don’t look at or will never use. It’s the same way in my backpack, I only carry the essentials. My backpack is probably one of the lightest that’s getting around the world. I like to think the more knowledge you have, the less you need.

I rather make memories then own possessions.

Traveling isn’t about being a digital nomad, it’s about living in the moment and making memories & stories.

But… but why on earth?

I want to change the world!

Who am I kidding?

The truth is, and this might sound kind of selfish, I’m only heading on this journey for myself! As I’ve already wasted enough of precious time trying to fit in “the system.’” In trying to please everyone else, as a result I lost myself.

I’d not been living my own life and following my path. Well, it was time to live life according to my own rules. I want to find happiness through my new lifestyle. Being away from the many ridiculous rules, obligations and judgments that seem to run modern society is a worthy goal.

And, perhaps I do change the world, as we now know it. Who can tell?

Anything is possible with the right kind of mindset. 

Of course there are some other reasons why I do what I do:

  • To witness the majestic beauty of our wonderful planet
  • For the freedom that comes with this lifestyle
  • To rediscover the real me, since I lost myself a long time ago
  • For the crazy experiences and adventures that will cross me on the way
  • To broaden my horizon, expand my comfort zone and learn new things along the way
  • To discover the whole planet, from the smallest animal to the tallest building
  • To avoid a daily routine and stress, as I’m getting sick of doing the same things over and over again
  • Last but not least, for the amazing people, tasty food, interesting cultures & breathtaking views!

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