The word ‘travel’ must be the most uplifting word in the dictionary. It makes you instantly think about exotic places all over the world while giving you such a warm feeling inside. It has no negative connotations whatsoever.

But travel with your best friend and there is a good chance you’ll hate the thought of traveling and may never want to travel anywhere again in your entire life.

Traveling itself is something so wonderful. We all enjoy the time we spend on trips. It’s the one last thing we have in common with our forefathers. We still like to explore and see new things. You can’t deny it; it’s in our DNA. We might not be nomadic anymore, but we like to wander around, even if it’s just in the mall.

We all travel for different reasons. In some countries it’s part of the culture. Some go on journeys for self-discovery, while others travel to see the sun or snow for the first time. Most just go on vacation. But whatever your reason may be, you know it makes sense to you!

But beware: Wherever, whenever, don’t ever travel alone with your best friend!

The worst nightmare you could ever endure with your best friend would be traveling together.

In some cases you’ve already made plans in high school to go together on that first journey without the parents. You can’t help but think that traveling with your best friend would be absolutely amazing and wonderful.

You plan and talk endlessly about your upcoming adventure. Your friendship becomes even stronger even though you never thought that would be possible. Days slowly pass by. You wake up every morning with the trip in mind. Basically, you would like to leave right now already.

Life is so amazing, that you can spot unicorns all around you. Angels are falling from the sky.

What could ever spoil our trip together, huh? We know each other so damn well.

Hmm, what about leaving together but coming back alone, all torn apart? To never hear again from your best friend, the one you went traveling with.

I’ve seen this many times before. Broken relationships, friendships ended… If you ask what happened, they tell you, “We went on vacation.” I get it instantly.

But what causes these problems?

I would say it’s because you discover the real you and you see for the first time your friend’s true personality. You just can’t hide who you really are and all of your flaws for two weeks or more.

You may compare traveling with moving in together and having to live with each other. Each person is unique and that’s just fine. However, you unconsciously expect your best friend to have the same interests that you have, all of the time. You basically want he or she to be another you.

You might think that it’s only the big things that can cause such troubles, like stealing money. But, the truth is that it’s the little things that cause all the mess.

Throwing clothes on the floor, leaving the toothpaste open. Not being as organized as the other. Taking a nap when the other wants to be active. Not walking at the same pace. Wanting to do something else. Being too possessive or not as social as the other.  Even the most ridiculous things cause fraction.

Things you would be okay with in your own place because you have room to yourself. But on a trip you feel obligated to stick with each other and committed to making the best of the situation.

If you don’t take time for yourself by spending time apart, it gets even worse. You can suddenly become so frustrated that even the tiny birthmark on the other person’s face bothers you. You’re one word away from exploding in flames and blurting out filthy words. And of course, there is always that last straw that breaks the camel’s back…

You’ve both had it! Enough is enough!

And there you are, with every cell in your body seething with anger.  You feel all alone when you actually expected to have the time of your life. You’re in a state of shock.

There are 2 choices at that point, like everything else in life. You can either decide to take an earlier flight home to just get away or decide to split apart for the rest of the trip and just see what happens when you meet up again on the same plane home. Either way you look at it, your vacation is ruined and so is your friendship.

In the worst-case scenario, you might never see your best friend again. But most often you find yourselves trying to talk it out afterwards. Sometimes you honestly think you succeeded in talking it out.

Just to later find out that the friendship has snapped, and it will never be the same as it was before.

So, trust me, just don’t go on that trip!

I’m speaking from my own personal experience, as you can tell by this story.

If you want to test out how strong your connection is then it’s best to be open and talk to each other. Give each other some room to function well. Take care of yourself and be a bit selfish. Especially on the first trips you take, you should go either solo or with a group. That way a lot of drama can be avoided.

There are exceptions of course. So, if your relationship survived the trip, be thankful for that. And don’t ever take it for granted! Because you do have something unique!