Step into a world of travel

Great to see you here rookie-explorer!

Our planet is tremendous, and so is this site. But no worries, I’ll guide you perfectly through everything. As your guide/mentor I’ll make it easier for you to step into a happy life of traveling.

Don’t be afraid if you are overwhelmed by the idea of traveling the entire world!

Whether you are here to read my spicy adventure stories, my stunning photo stock, or simply to plan your own trip you came to the right place. I have it all for you in just few clicks away.

Let me show you the road to freedom while traveling.

Happy exploring!

Plan your trip to freedom and fun.

Before The Journey

Start the best part of the entire process, planning your trip. Find out what’s possible and let the daydreaming begin!

On The Road

Traveling for a long time isn’t always to easy to handle. But overall there is no better live than this. Learn all the trips and tricks from a guy who spend a lot of time on the run.

Handle The Way Back

When you’re not a full time traveler, the hardest and most frustrating part is returning to your normal life after having the time of your life. But when traveling is in your blood, you will get over the depression and start to seek new destinations.

How do you want to travel?


Where do you want to go?


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