Since I commonly get asked these same questions, I decided to answer them here on my FAQ page:


  • Do you sometimes get lonely?

    Not really. I actually love being alone since I don’t consider myself the most social person. Also, I do meet a lot of people everyday, which makes it impossible to feel lonely. However, there are places where it would be really helpful to have a travel buddy.

  • How can you afford to travel like this?

    Truthfully, I can’t afford to take this journey at all. But there is more to life than money, so I’m doing it anyway. I do earn a bit of money through my site, which allows me to buy some food. Furthermore, I am depending on the kindness of people and so far the goodness of humanity has not let me down.

  • Where do you sleep?

    I sleep wherever I feel safe. I’m an easy sleeper, so the circumstances aren’t a big deal for me. People invite me in, I stay at hostels, sleep in churches and between the cattle. I always carry my tent in case I need it. However, if I happen to get sick, I recover by treating myself to the luxury of a hotel.

  • Have you ever found yourself in danger?

    No, not ever. If you trust your guardian angel to look after you and use good common sense, it is unlikely that anything bad will happen. In life there are always risks, that’s just a fact. Local people will warn you if you are about to enter a dangerous situation or area. The world isn’t as dangerous as the media would have you believe. There are many more nice people than you can possibly imagine.

  • What’s your favorite place?

    I can’t say that I have just one favorite place. Our world is so big and filled with so many wonderful places and things to see. What I love is the diversity, going from the desert to the jungle. It’s a shame that all this could eventually disappear. That being said, I have a slight preference for countries that protect their wildlife and nature like Costa Rica, South Africa and others.

  • How did you first start your journey?

    By closing the door and taking that first step. That’s the only way to do it. At first, I was afraid to begin my journey, so I procrastinated time and time again. My advice is to just go all in, and I promise that it will all work out just fine.

  • Do you ever think about stopping?

    Nah, because this is the only way I want to live right now. I simply cannot return to a 9 to 5 schedule. I won’t lie to you, traveling like this is not always a fairy tale. But, before you know it you will have an experience or come across a stranger or encounter a spectacular view and that makes it all worth the few discomforts.

  • What languages have you mastered?

    The only one I speak perfectly is Dutch. My roots are in Belgium and thanks to that I can speak conversational French and English. Although, some of my bucket list goals involve learning Spanish, Italian and German, plus improving my French and English. It would also be interesting to learn sign language.

  • Where do you keep all of your stuff?

    What stuff? Seriously, It’s hard to believe but I don’t own much stuff. I never really had much in life and I may never. But that’s perfectly fine with me. For many people, this seems crazy, but everything I have fits nicely in my backpack.

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