My bull personality


My Bull Personality

Once in a while something extraordinary happens. A feeling or experience you can’t explain. But it makes you want to believe this was meant to be. Some time ago, I was fortunate enough to had such an experience …

While I’ve never really had a strong belief in things like horoscopes, I’ve always considered myself to be open-minded about everything in life. Sometimes I would read my horoscope in a magazine or paper just for a laugh. I thought that is was just a lot of bullshit though.

But a weird thing happened recently while I was at my local library. I had nothing to do, and was looking for a good book to read. Suddenly I felt a drawn to a shelf that I never visited before. The one with the magic spells.

For some reason I still don’t know today, I grabbed a random book and began to read. The title was ‘De 12 sterrenbeelden’.

The Twelve houses

While I was reading, the book began to captivate me as I found many similarities in my life. And as weird as it is to admit now, the book described a huge part of my life and personality with extreme accuracy! Don’t ask me how or why, but that was just the way it was. I’m still kind of shocked at the revelations but I have decided to share what I found in this amazing book on my blog, as a great opportunity to introduce myself.

Since I was born on the 20th of May, I am a Taurus.  A volitional bull according to the Horoscope.

Zeus as the bull

The bull in the Horoscope originates in Greek mythology and there is an entire story that revolves around the bull.

Once upon a time, there was a white domestic bull lying on the beach in Phoenicia. He lay down between the king’s daughter Europa and her friends. In awe of his beauty, the princess began to stroke him. He let her and was so playful even allowing the princess to sit on him! The bull suddenly stood up and walked into the water, swimming away with the princess to the island Crete.

There he transformed from the bull into the God Zeus and seduced her under a plane tree. They had 3 sons together who were demigods. In honor of these lovely memories, he created the bull as a constellation in the sky.

Europa and Zeus

My artwork about Zeus aka the bull.

My personality

I couldn’t describe my personality better than this book does. These are the traits taken directly from ‘De 12 sterrenbeelden’ that describe me very well:

* Helpful, ready to sacrifice everything for a friend in need.

       * friendly and patient

* Mind is in balance, hard to upset

* I cannot stand injustice

* Tolerant

* Enjoying the good life.

* Robust and easily overcoming diseases

* I have my own specific dry humor

* Stubborn as hell.

* Eager to learn new things.

* Enjoying calm days.

* I work kinda slowly but more in detail.

* When things goes well, I have the ability to mess them up.

* Very loyal

* Group awareness’ but selfish sometimes

* My lucky number is 6


Yeah, I know. It’s kind of crazy. I’m sure this book hasn’t been written for me. However, it perfectly described my life story. I really wonder how likely it is that this book will represent anyone’s else life. I didn’t found any author for this book as well, which make it even more mysterious…

Let me know which Zodiac sign you are. And if you wish, I’ll deliver you a document that hopefully describes your personality as good as mine.


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