The Story of My Life


The Story of My Life

I am the prototype of a local city boy… Or at least I was!

Growing up, my entire life took place within a radius of 6 miles. Can you believe this, only 6 tiny miles of this magnificent, enormous world? School, football and everything else I did, took place in my hometown, right at my feet. Since I lived in the centrum, I found everything I needed just a fart away from home.

For this reason, there isn’t that much to say about my youth. But I would like to think I had a better childhood than most kids these days. I was lucky enough to be able to make my own mistakes, since my parents gave me that freedom. That was something I desperately needed, and still need.

Me being a boy.

Me being a boy. Or Indian…

Happy Childhood

Most of my spare time and holidays I spent on the streets. Playing football with my friends and teasing girls. Actually, I had everything a little boy needed and did everything little boys love to do. While most kids where inside playing with their toys, I liked to climb trees and get dirty. I am happy to say that I found that adventurous spirit inside me back!

Elderly say that childhood is the most beautiful time, and I must agree. Being carefree, having no worries, just going to school and doing everything else that you love. To bad, you realize this when you already grew up.

And there was one thing I loved to do, playing football. I have played since I was 7 and I was so lucky to play with the best team I could ever imagine. I remember us winning 4 or 5 competitions. When I look back now, that was a wonderful time in my life.

School was a whole other thing for me. I didn’t hate school but I just didn’t love it a lot. That was probably because I didn’t take the right classes. For some worthless reason, I stumbled into carpentry. To this day, that is the only regret I have, that I didn’t follow the right path academically. If I had a time machine, and could turn back the hands of time, I would be a vet right now.

rarara, where am I?

Lost in this big world

The older I got, the more everything seem to fall apart. I increasingly lost my connection with everything and everyone around me. I got lost in the system, and I wasn’t able to be myself. Becoming an adult was very hard for me. You know how life goes then. Careers, girlfriends and kids pushed us all into another direction..

At first, I really struggled with this. As I had no real ambitions for a successful career. I always found jobs when I wanted them as I had the skills and knowledge to be a successful carpenter.  My jobs, however, didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for.

I also had a girlfriend for about 2 years, but I found out quickly that the relationship wouldn’t last long. I felt stuck in the relationship and felt that I had lost the thing that is most important to me, my freedom.

At my best, being free.

At my best, being free.

Well, yeah you could easily say that I had a miserable life, based on society’s views of success.  Even though I had my own views on life and success, I could read the look on people’s faces, that they thought I was a loser. I couldn’t count how many times people told me to get a job, a girlfriend, a house or even a life! I don’t blame anyone for this behavior, it is just the way how we are raised.

Anyway, I did not feel like I fit in society anymore. I wanted to do something meaningful with my time. Something worth doing that would give me real satisfaction. But I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do, or how I was going to do it. Since I had no real idea, I began doing some self-reflection and began brainstorming about things that really make me really happy in life.  Surprisingly I found several topics I really enjoyed quite fast. Those topics were animals/wildlife, travels, cultures, adventures and helping others.

These were all things that I could not really do in Belgium. Belgium is a concrete jungle, without a lot of career opportunities in these fields. So now, that I found out what I liked, I had to find out how I was going to implant this into my life. I come from a middle class family, and while I always everything I needed, I did not have enough money to get veterinary training.

So, there I was, stuck between a world full of dreams and the sad reality.

Live the dream, don’t runaway.

I began to daydream more and more about wildlife and adventure. I’m glad I did, as the daydreaming was the first step on my journey. But it was not easy, after my daydreams, I fell back into the hard reality of life. And the same bullshit persisted, about going to get a job – well you know the story.

One of the wallpapers that kept me motivated.

One of the wallpapers that kept me motivated.

I was desperately looking for a way to make my dreams become a reality. Easier said than done of course! I was wasting time that I did not have anymore. Honestly, I was almost leaving everything behind and starting to explore the world with debts and problems. But that would be running away, instead of living my dream.

I decided to stay and sort out all my issues and was intent on finding a solution for everything. I’m glad I did, because it helped me creating this travel blog and journey around the world. Now I can travel with a free mind, without having to look back at all.

So now, while others get a job, get married and have children, I have freedom.

And that’s all I ever wanted.

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