Travel Resources

Oh boy, traveling is so expensive…

is it?

At least, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. The cost of traveling to somewhere depends on a lot of factors. Time is one of them. Another as example is your travel style.

Since not everyone has that much of time to travel, I collected the most valuable resources for me on this page. I vouch for any single one of them. As I used those myself and found out they are trustworthy.  No matter how long or how you travel, these resources are most likely helpful for you.

Gig your way around the world.


Without a doubt, my number 1 resource. Work on someone’ s project for food and other primary needs. It’s a wonderful concept to get immersed in the local lifestyle.


A good resource when you want to learn organic farming. But only when you stay a long period in country since you need to pay a fee by region.


The same concept as Workaway. Membership fee is a bit less, but so is the infrastructure and database. Need an update to stay an useful resource.


The place to be, when you want to volunteer and make a real difference. Your time and effort has more value than money on these projects.

Find Cheap Accommodation


The cheapest site to book accommodation. If I don’t couch-surf, use my tent or sleep under the clear sky, I use Hostelworld. It’s often possible to work and get a free night in return.


This is the right resource when you want to rent a room for a couple of weeks. People lent their spare rooms are houses on here. From basic rooms to luxury houses.


When you want to stay in a hotel, check booking first. Whenever I’m getting sick, I stay in a hotel to recover. Easy to use and a you’re able to see a lot of reviews about the hotels.


My most used resource for finding accommodation or shelter. One of the best apps / website for travelers.

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