Why Bali is great for digital nomads.


Most of us only dream of being able to travel and see  the world. But for digital nomads, that dream is a reality, and they don’t have to go on vacation to do it! The life of a digital nomad is quite simply traveling the world and bringing their work with them wherever they might go.

Ah, the digital age. However did we get along without it? With the internet readily available, and  with WiFi almost everywhere, having an online job makes it so easy to go anywhere and take your work with you. Of course, some places are better than others when it comes to accessing the internet and getting online to do your work.

If you’re searching for places to go on your next workation, (Workation: vacation while you work! Who knew? You really do learn something new everyday!) I would suggest looking into Bali. Here are some of the great reasons more and more people are choosing this beautiful island as their next stop.

Affordable housing

You can rent beautiful villas and hotels for as little as $30 US a night! And these offer amazing views, air conditioning, luxurious outdoor infinity swimming pools and dining rooms/restaurants.  Talk about affordable luxury! Eating in local diners can be as low as only a couple dollars per person!

Obtaining a visa

Digital nomads can obtain a 30 day visa when you arrive at the airport and it can very easily be extended if a month is just not long enough!

Wifi connectivity

Internet and wifi is readily available,with a good internet speed of around 15mbps.

Co-working spaces

These are shareable work spaces for nomads to work in, with some of the best being Hubud, Dojo, and Outpost . You can meet up with fellow nomads and share ideas, hold seminars and attend workshops.

Family friendly

There are lots of kid friendly restaurants in Bali and plenty of fun places to go for entertainment. Water-parks, beaches and tourist attractions are in abundance here!


Getting around in Bali is also easy on the wallet! Taxis or Ubers are readily available and may only cost you around $5! If you’d rather not have to rely on others to get you from place to place, there’s a number of different rental vehicles to choose from. You can rent a scooter for around $5/day, or a Jeep for roughly $25/day.  If you’re with your family you can get a van starting from only approximately $6/day!

Exploring the sights

Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods”. It is full of cultural and spiritual places to visit and experience.  And because of it’s compact size you can easily see much of its beauty in a relatively short amount of time. Whether you’re into yoga, surfing, or even lose some weight, you need not look far.  Are you the adventurous type? In search of spiritual enlightenment? Want to see the sights? Or would you prefer to laze around on the beaches all day and then enjoy some nightlife? You need not look far!

This island has something for everyone and if you are thinking of joining the digital nomadic lifestyle you should definitely put Bali on your list of places to go!


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