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What’s Digitraveler?

Digitraveler is a travel blog in the first place. At least, that was the main purpose in 2016 when I launched the site.

A travel blog however that is slight different from the rest.






Digitraveler has been launched in 2016 with the purpose to blog about my journey around the world. Time flew by and after countless stories, adventures & experiences it was time to grow my website in something bigger. I like to think that Digitraveler grew into a place that strikes the balance of a life filled with adventures & with awareness for our planet & the species on it.


I did not lose feeling with the begin purpose of Digitraveler. In the first place this is still a travel blog. A travel blog that is slightly different from all the rest. As I cover a lot of different topics.  

Digitraveler launched in 2016 & over the past 2 years it become an established brand in the travel sector. Digitraveler is still growing rapidly. This travel blog focuses on a variety of topics. All in harmony with what the world has to offer us. My main goals are to explore the world & make it a better place. And along the way I try to share my tips & tricks to people who want to step into a world of travel.

I’m happy to work with persons, brands & companies that covering the same topics as my blog & journey. That’s almost every aspect of traveling. I just don’t cover flights as I don’t take a single plane on my journey.

From Crap cleaner to project manager.

Digitraveler isn’t your average travel blog. That’s why it is so interesting to work with me, as I’m literally open for anything. There are tons of ways to work with me.

  • Crap Cleaning 85%
  • Website Development 85%
  • Carpentry 60%

Topics I handle:

* Ecotourism & Conservation

* Wildlife & Animals

* Nature


Blog Statics:

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I’m open for:

  • Social Media Campaigns & Consulting
  • Sponsored Reviews & Posts
  • Custom Advertising
  • House sitting
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Press trips
  • Giveaways

This blog is for:

  • Full time travelers & explorers.
  • People who love to travel but have a job.


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Audience : Asia/europe..


Featured Work:

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