Work With Digitraveler

let’s be travel partners!

Digitraveler isn’t an ordinary business which makes it possible to work & grow in a zillion ways together. I will only put the most common in here, but all sort of ideas outside the box are most welcome! I’m open for a whole bunch of crazy stuff withtin a reasonable limit of course.

Since all I have is time & energy but no money, don’t expect me to fund your projects. Not because I’m not willling, just because I’m not able to.

But I do have something else to share with you. My time, skills, and work effort.

C’mon shoot out your project to me. I can’t wait for those meaningful projects to work on.

Personal projects

From helping to build your carport to help you along the way to become self sufficient.

animal & nature conservation

From cleaning up the dirtiest poo, saving a tiger with my own life to cleaning up our shit out of the oceans . Let me fight for any animal on this planet.

society projects

Fighting together against poorness, racism, criminalty and making this world just a better place to live in.